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What times do we live in you ask?


Do you even see them?


Do you see their bodies wandering around on our planet, so thin, so delicate, their skin glows in a transparent manner, they are nearly invisible, they might even seem 2 dimensional to you, they are filling the gaps in our society and you know what? They always smile.


Do you fear them?


Their bodies are used to deal with mass media, speed and hyperconnectivity on a daily basis. They are penetrated by every kind of radiation 24/7. They deal with overpopulated cities, with fake food wrapped in plastic, with pharmacy, with drugs, with porn as if it were nothing. They are not „wild“, no,  there is no riot going on out there and why should it? They are adaptive to a maximum and wicked to the core. You wouldn’t even think that perversion has potential. What is your perversion anyway? Don’t you look away. Those bodies might be dangerous in a different manner. Bodies, much better in pleasuring themselves than in being pleasured by others.

The gaps are slightly spilling over. 


They might not seem aggressive but they are not passive either. Be careful with your judgements. You can’t see them acting out anything because their moves are soft and easy. You might think you've shut them down successfully. Made them peaceful. Made them pure.They are mute, they are blind, as is the empty room we share. Am I right? I see they trigger you in a different way, they trigger you in their sole existence. 


I am a witness of this repressed generation.  those heavenly bodies that are not wildx. As their anger is hidden, as they always try to avoid conflict and they always will. But, the day will come, when you have crossed that line, and once they burst through, you will regret. Your system will collapse, your dreams will fall and it’s going to give rise to the generation of the so called unholy. The children of a burned sun. Resistant to hunger, to pain, to loneliness. 

They will find you and they will kill you.


Then embalm you with their moisty hands, singing a song for you, their beautiful words will echo all around the air. Their souls are going to shine bright and white at that moment, it will look like someone had accidentaly spilled out the stars onto the desert, to make you leave this earth and finally find your way to heaven. They will be greatful for you, as you were the only thing that had kept them alive.


They will try to pick up some kind of sexuality and reproduce, but just like kids they won’t know how to use it. And so the sand will turn blue and their eyes will dry out , as nothing is stable, and everything fades. *

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